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The LDS (Mormon) Series


"I really enjoyed your writing, it was very good.  Clearly, for a 'never-mo', you have a good grasp of Mormon claims and the real history. Your articles are very absorbing, well researched and well written."

— Jim Whitefield - author of the book series: The Mormon Delusion, Volumes 1. 2. 3. 4. & 5.   Link to read more about, and / or buy or download Jim's books: http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=3194881 

Website: Themormondelusion.com


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An Incredible Story Part I — The Book of Mormon


"Hi Rich,

You have a great lead-in, with the 'clean cut Mormon' approach, and I think your organization is great.   You've done a mind-boggling amount of research here--very, very fascinating.  (There were times I exclaimed my responses aloud. Wow!)

Argumentation: Your arguments are clear and valid.  I really believe in the importance of this piece."


— Katie (professional review from an editor in the literary market)



"Upon just a cursory review, it is apparent you devoted a lot of time in order to ensure accuracy. Thanks for your efforts!"
— Ryan



“Rich’s essay on the historicity and problems of the book of Mormon is very well researched, written, and rich with detail. He lays out the problems with Mormon Epistemology and the claims of the text with a clarity that is hard to dispute.”

— Bob

Bob’s excellent video on YouTube entitled “I Believe What?” which reviews Andrew Rannell’s performance of “I Believe.”


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An Incredible Story Part II Joseph Smith's First Vision


“I read your article. Great layout, easy reading, rich and documented well. Thanks; I'm always glad to get the truth out there and hoping that I may be planting a seed.  I've never visited your site before the other day.

I think you have information in a great format with easy reading style to present to investigators with open minds. It's hard sometimes to follow some events in the Mormon church without convolution. Your work is convincing."

— Dan

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An Incredible Story Part III — Joseph Smith on Trial


“…this is by far the best writing I've seen from you yet!  As far as content, you do a great job of setting this up as a trial, using argumentation, evidence, etc. to back up your points. It is definitely easy to read and understand! Fabulous writing, Rich!"

— Katie (professional review from an editor in the literary market)



“Hi Rich, Thanks for the link to your latest...  Very nicely written!" 

— Richard Packham — former Mormon and retired attorney

Why I Left the Mormon Church — Richard Packham 



“In Joseph Smith on Trial, Rich Kelsey has presented concise and well thought out evidence for the basic falsity of Smith's assertions which form the very basis of the Mormon faith. This logical well-written tome, presented in the form of a simulated "trial," should be required reading for anyone who considers Smith to be anything other than one of the greatest con artists of all time.

Thank you Mr. Kelsey!”

— Steve W.



“I read your article.  It was very good!  I like how the Mormon teachings just fall apart when put to the test of the 'legal' system, which is essentially just good logic.  You haven't happened to have written one on the Jehovah's Witnesses, have you?  If you haven't, please do!" 

— Jamie



"Thank you for your interesting and engaging treatise, Rich!"

— Administrator of  http://josephsmithprophet.com/


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An Incredible Story Part IV — Those Mysterious Golden Plates


"Rich Kelsey, can I please be related to you or at least know someone that is a blood relative. You truly do more than merely good work.  The LDS Church may either be forced to come transparently clean, or become synonymously associated with large deception, because of the great work that is accomplished under your hand."

— Joseph M.



"Hey Rich, thanks for the link to your latest work. Again well thought out and presented in an easy to digest format. Lots of rock solid facts and all well documented. You have a richly wonderful in depth understanding of the deceptions laid out by Joseph Smith for someone who was never in the religion. You still bring out many interesting points that I've never considered after being exposed to the church for over 50 years. It still fascinates me and I never tire of reading the different views, comments and close examination from scholars who expose the inconsistencies and omissions found in the Mormon church’s version of its own history.

Thanks again Rich, well done"

— Daniel H.



"Rich Kelsey's article on Joseph Smith's 'gold plates' is thoroughly researched, systematically analysed and logically presented. The historical position existing at the time of Smith is accurately depicted as Kelsey takes us on a 'journey to 19th century America, to experience the Mindset and lifestyle of Joseph Smith and his colleagues' giving us a clear insight into the mystical environment in which Smith was born and raised.

The true background of Smith's early life is firmly established, laying the foundation of the origin of his hoax 'gold plates' which he pretended to translate, from which he hoped to make money by selling the resulting book. It was an almost inevitable and natural extension of his earlier confidence tricks.

Kelsey's analysis of the facts leads to only one possible conclusion; God would never have been involved with such nonsense. What the Mormon Church now presents as the case leaves out almost all of the historical narrative that Kelsey here presents and instead portrays an almost entirely fictional perspective. Kelsey asks all the right questions and provides the answers - and the evidence."

— Jim Whitefield — Author of the Mormon Delusion Book Series 1-4

Website: Themormondelusion.com



“Rich, you have presented a genuinely fresh perspective on these events, by connecting them in ways that I believe are original.  ‘Those Mysterious Golden Plates’ is exciting to read, because your frankly brilliant linkages from what Joseph said and did at various times, as well as what was reported by and about him, allowed me to witness the peeling of the many layers of falsehood covering the avarice at the heart of Mormonism’s drab origin.”

— Abinadi, Ex-Mormon Forums moderator

Link: Ex-Mormon Forums



"You did an excellent job.  You chose a very readable font and font size.  You wrote clearly and referred back to the LDS references in proof of your comments.  Overall, this is an exemplary piece of theological debate on the subject.  As for your other writings; I will be reading all of them. "

— Debbi H. 



"A couple of things stand out. It's very interesting information, and quite honestly I'm not inclined to deny any of it. I have read books on treasure (including Utah's Gold Rush and history) and it's a common theme, although fantastic, that certain treasure seems cursed in the sense that we really can't find it or once found, get our hands on it. I'm not sure why, exactly, but it happens. Not that I'm justifying Joseph's responses, I'm just mentioning what I've found. I appreciate your research, which is very good. I have no reason to doubt any of it."

— David, active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


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An Incredible Story Part V — The Fall of Mormonism



Your article [The Fall of Mormonism] was fascinating, it grabbed my attention and held my interest which kept me reading on."

— Yasmeen


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An Incredible Story Part VI — Book of Moses Changes / Anachronisms



You are so right to support claims with references from neutral or pro LDS sites. When I first started learning, I was of the mindset that people opposed to the LDS church were out to fool members with lies and tricks and false facts and flattering words. That's why I got my own copy of the History of the Church and Mormon Doctrine. That's why I searched out copies of Journal of Discourse and Lectures on Faith.

Some good souls are willing to document and share the truth. Some former LDS are willing to share why they left. Most of those are manic about being factual. Some few are a bit loose with the truth. What I ended up with was an emotional argument going up against a factual response. It was a Heart vs. Head sort of thing. It's embarrassing how long I (math major, programmer, science guy, practical to a p, etc) took to trust the facts I was finding. In the end though, armed with new facts and thoughts my emotions and feelings changed about the church. What once was love became indignation and anger over betrayal.

So Rich, that's a long way of saying that I appreciate you and people like you who do care so much to provide facts and solid references. Thanks brother."

Peter — Former member of the LDS Church


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 Jehovah's Witnesses 1914 and 1919 Doctrines Examined


“Terrible lies. Jehovah witness does not say Jesus is coming again. Lol. Revelation clearly states that satan will be thrown out of heaven and woe to the earth. Book of Daniel prophecy puts the date of Satan being thrown out of heaven at 1914. I recommend you get your facts in order before you publish these things…” 

— Lang Ngo

My response



"Rich - Your [JW] ‘article’ is as thorough, or more so than any of the JW books I have.  You are a champion of JW scholarship. That is no exaggeration.

I see you have been complimented by people who are exceptionally qualified in the analysis and critique of sectarian ecclesiastical claims - consider their commendations to be your ‘peer review’, so your explanations, and conclusions stand on solid ground."

— Abinadi, Ex-Mormon Forums moderator

Link: Ex-Mormon Forums



"What a well done article, clear and concise, a must read; especially for Jehovah's Witnesses."

— Holly


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Apocalypse Now?  Part I — The Great Disappointment


"Thanks for sharing such an excellent article on the Great Disappointment. William Miller´s experience should have been a great lesson on humility for all concerned. I don´t know how we would have treated the subject had we been in his shoes and had we lived in his time. Yet two questions keep nagging me and surely others, too. Was it necessary? Was not Jesus´ statement on Matthew 24:36 clear enough for Miller to deter any and all speculations on the time of His Second Coming? Sadly, after all these years, the Seventh-day Adventist church does not seem to have reaped the fruit of such a hard experience. It seldom if ever mentions a strange teaching like the closed door. It´s still living in OT times regarding the Sabbath. The strange sanctuary doctrine is still one of its main tenets. The SDA church now stands in the uncomfortable position of having to either acknowledge its error and return to the plain teachings of the Bible on many important subjects or just forge ahead, hoping for the best."

 — Roman, former member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church


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Apocalypse Now?  Part II — The Story of the Jehovah's Witnesses


"Excellent article Rich! Very well phrased and written. You'd think you spent 20 years in it." — Alex Riker, former Jehovah's Witness and film maker